It's Like A Demo Thing.

by Dana Scully

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recorded in The Vatican't basement on a laptop.


released February 8, 2013

Dylan Bahney - Guitar, vocals
Sandy Parker - Bass, backing vocals
Alex Page - Drums

Tracks 1, 3 lyrics by Sandy Parker
Tracks 2, 4 lyrics by Dylan Bahney



all rights reserved


Dana Scully Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA emo/screamo/post-hardcore

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Track Name: Lilypads
Live in the sea, under waves and waves and waves
, and garbage flows through every port. 
Sun burns skin. Paint piled thick
 upon a canvas on the wall.

I can't remember how many times I saw your face. 
I don't trust that you were counting, anyway. 
Come clean and please, scrape me off like dead wood.

Another night- I can still dream. Plastic skinned book on a table by my side. Amaze me, make me smile
, stretch me out, reject me.

I am trapped between your jaws.

I can't remember, I can't tell
. Come clean and patch me up, my flesh wound. I missed out on it- but I can still dream.
Track Name: Karate
The sandstorm took my vision, your bones and thoughts stripped bare. You look in the mirror, but all that you care about is what’s not there.

I’ve been living between two houses all summer. I’m changing myself, I’m changing my phone number.

You got a bath in salt water. You got exactly what you wanted every time. I got sick. I just got sick.

And the blood under these nails didn’t come from picking scabs. A flashlight in each hand, I’m gonna light up this whole fucking town.

Don’t wait around, I’m laceration-bound.
Track Name: Avatar: The Last Air Mattress
It will snow. We drive home. My skin is on fire.

I believe in winter, we breathe fire. I’m so tired. But I'm always tired.
The freaks and geeks were right, that I can’t control my life.
Your father would like me, but i’m not a friend.
Track Name: Taj Mahungry
Saint Valentine, eat your heart out. I dine alone. A couple knives to take me home. I found out exactly when I’m going to die. I sound so phony when I lie.

Try saying something less cruel next time if you expect me to keep quiet about it.

Stop taking pictures cause I don’t want this to last. If I don’t keep moving forward I’ll just be standing in the past.

I know I’ll find the light inside me somewhere... I just gotta dig deep.